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Deck lists for quick draft 7 wins across various different draft sets.
What factions can you expect in Warhammer Old World, the square based fantasy game that GW will be releasing in the future.
Understanding the size and progression of the esports audience numbers over the last several years and the impact of COVID-19.
The 2021 Esports Insight Report will cover several key topic areas including how the ecosystem works and the business models […]
Our Nicol Bolas/Grixis historic list we're using to climb in platinum rank.
Are the Kaldheim pre-orders worth it? How much value is each worth and which one should you get? Here's the numbers
This is the first in two articles where we look at the cost per card. Firstly though, we need to […]
We go a perfect 7-0 in arena draft to make 3 out of 4 drafts into 7 wins. Might be getting the hang of this ....
This kicks off our set of analysis over the economics of MTG Arena, how much it costs, what a Rare […]
For those of you who missed it, or just a reminder – the Pokémon Players Cup II Finals starts December […]
Del Alli talks about joining Excel Esports to learn more about competitive gaming.
Valorant 2021 esports structure, how it works, teams from each region and vod release
Pokemon esports has been cancelled since April and the latest announcement from Pokemon is that the ongoing situation is still […]
In case you mised the Starcraft 2 finals over at Dreamhack, here's the match between Serral and Trap. Serral has a 4-0 head to head record against Trap heading into this matchup....
Overwatch league average salary and contract status from 2020 heading into 2021.


We came across CGB in the middle of 2019 when he had 25k YouTube subscribers

With a great personality and dedication to MTG, we wanted to help him grow and with some support he’s passed 89k subs just over a year later and close to that 100k mark.

Check out his channel on YouTube for great Magic content