The Overwatch League released the 2020/2021 player contract status several weeks ago and as the off-season continues with players moving to new teams, here’s a reminder of some of the interesting facts:

“During the 2020 season players earned an average base salary of US $106K, up nearly $10K per player from the 2019 season. The median player salary was $92K, up more than $10K from 2019. The league minimum player salary remains $50K plus benefits. Players also collectively received a minimum of 50% of the total prize pool awarded to their teams during the season.”

Here’s the current player tracker list up to 22 Nov (source:

Last updated: Nov. 22

Atlanta Reign

Oct. 22—Announced departure of Anthony “Fire” King, Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman, Nathan “Frd” Goebel, Jun “Erster” Jeong, Hyeon-Jun “Pokpo” Park, and Garrett “Saucy” Roland

Oct. 24—Announced departure of assistant coaches Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger, Dimitri “Silence” Couturet, and Chung-In “Mentalist” Kim

Nov. 13—Signed Se-Hyun “Pelican” Oh

Boston Uprising

Oct. 5—Signed coach Seung-Hyun “Lori” Kim

Oct. 8—Announced departure of Michael “Mikeyy” Konicki and Kobe “Halo” Hamand

Nov. 5—Announced departure of Tae-Hee “Jerry Min

Nov. 12—Announced departure of Min-Seob “Axxiom” Park

Nov. 12—Signed Jin-Ui “Im37” Hong

Chengdu Hunters

Oct. 15—Shao-Hua “Ating” Chen and Tzu-Heng “Baconjack” Lo announced retirement

Nov. 17—Announced assistant coaches Xiao “Creed” and Jihang “Aoxie” Zhang

Nov. 17—Announced transfer of Chunting “Kyo” Kong and Jingyi “Lengsa” Chen to its Academy Team

Nov. 17—Announced designation of Tianbin “Lateyoung” Ma and Xianyao “Yveltal” Li as two-way players

Nov. 19—Signed Yujia “Jimmy” Lei and Nian “Kaneki” Liu

Nov. 22—Signed Tan “Nisha” Li

Dallas Fuel

Oct. 1—Announced departure of coach Min-Gyu “Voljin” Kang

Oct. 17—Announced departure of Stefan “Onigod” Fiskerstrand, William “Crimzo” Hernandez, Lucas “Note” Meissner, Nolan “Paintbrush” Edwards, Dylan “AKM” Bignet (player announced retirement), Benjamin “Unkoe” Chevasson, Won-Sik “Closer” Jung, Ashley “Trill” Powell (player announced retirement), and Young-Jin “Gamsu” Noh (player announced retirement)

Oct. 23—Traded with Paris for Han-Been “Hanbin” Choi and Yeong-Han “Sp9rk1e” Kim; announced head coach Hee-Won “Rush” Yun

Oct. 27—Signed Joon “Fielder” Kwon and Jung-Keun “Rapel” Kim

Oct. 28—Announced assistant coach Jae-Yoon “Aid” Go

Nov. 7—Traded with Shanghai for Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee

Nov. 10—Signed Seung-Soo “Jecse” Lee

Nov. 14—Signed Gi-Hyo “Xzi” Jung

Florida Mayhem

Oct. 14—Announced departure of Jung-Woo “Sayaplayer” Ha, San-Ha “Karayan” Choi, Jun-Su “Kris” Choe, and Seong-Ju “Byrem” Lee

Nov. 11—Traded Pan-Seung “Fate” Koo to Shanghai

Guangzhou Charge

Oct. 5—Announced departure of coaches Hyo-Jin “J1n” Cho, Seung-Min “Tydolla” Jung, and Sung-Woo “Sungwoo” Hong

Oct. 15—Announced departure of Alberto “Neptuno” González Molinillo, Jeong-Eon “Chara” Kim, Shilong “Krystal” Cai, and Haomiao “Wya” Qi

Oct. 28—Announced head coach Ji-Won “Arachne” Lee

Nov. 9—Announced departure of Charlie “Nero” Zwarg and Jung-Woo “Happy” Lee

Nov. 10—Signed Young-Seo “Kariv” Park

Nov. 12—Signed Chan-Hee “Mandu” Kim

Nov. 12—Signed Zijie “MyKaylee” Zou

Nov. 13—Signed Se-Hwan “Choisehwan” Choi

Hangzhou Spark

Oct. 14—Announced supervisor Tsung-Yu “Xiaogui” Huang

Oct. 17—Announced departure of Gi-Hyeon “Ado” Chon, Jae-Hwan “Adora” Kang, Sung-Wook “Ria” Park, Sang-Hyun “Sasin” Song, and Hee-Chang “Bebe” Yoon

Oct. 23—Signed Yangjie “Shy” Zheng

Nov. 11—Announced departure of Sung-Jun “QOQ” Yu

Nov. 15—Signed Chengjie “Lige” Jia

Nov. 16—Signed Jeong-Ho “MCD” Lee

Nov. 17—Signed Young-Hyun “Takoyaki” Lee

Nov. 18—Signed Se-Won “Bernar” Shin

Nov. 19—Signed Min-Soo “Seominsoo” Seo

Houston Outlaws

Oct. 15—Signed coach Jae “Junkbuck” Choi

Oct. 19—Announced general manager Matt “Coolmatt” Iorio

Oct. 27—Re-signed Dante “Danteh” Cruz

London Spitfire

Oct. 1—Announced departure of coaches Cheol-Yong “Agape” Hong, Hyeon-Sang “Pavane” Yu, Young-Bin “Twinkl” Lim, and Sqix

Oct. 15—Announced departure of Hyun-Wook “Although” Jung, Sang-Jun “Babel” Park, Dong-Jae “Schwi” Lee, Ji-Hun “Jihun” Kim (player announced retirement), Gun-Hee “Clestyn” Cho, Sung-Hyeok “Highly” Lee, Young-Hoon “Krillin” Jeong

Oct. 16—Announced general manager Ysabel “Noukky” Müller

Oct. 17—Announced departure of Dae-Han “Jmac” Choi

Nov. 12—Announced coaches Justin “Reprize” Hand and Xavier “CommanderX” Hardy

Nov. 17—Announced departure of Se-Won “Bernar” Shin and Gyu-Min “Sanguinar” Lim

Nov. 21—Announced departure of Gil-Seong “Glister” Lim

Los Angeles Gladiators

Oct. 6—Announced departure of Jason “Jaru” White (player announced retirement), Aaron “Bischu” Kim, Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara, and Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni (player announced retirement)

Oct. 8—Announced departure of coach Rohit “Curryshot” Nathani

Oct. 12—Announced departure of Roni “LHCloudy” Tiihonen

Oct. 15—Announced departure of Min-Seok “OGE” Kim

Oct. 16—Announced departure of coach James “Faustus” Frye

Oct. 27—Announced assistant coach Seung-Min “Tydolla” Jung

Oct. 30—Announced general manger Brenda Suh

Nov. 8—Signed Young-Hun “Muze” Kim

Nov. 9—Signed Jin-Seo “Shu” Kim

Nov. 12—Signed Grant “Moth” Espe

Los Angeles Valiant

Oct. 16—Announced departure of Damon “Apply” Conti, Rick “Gig” Salazar, and Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey

Nov. 19—Signed Adam “Adam” Soong

New York Excelsior

Oct. 20—Hyo-Jong “Haksal” Kim announced retirement

Oct. 21—Announced departure of Yeon-Gwan “Nenne” Jeong, Seung-Jun “WhoRU” Lee, Hong-Jun “Hotba” Choi, and Dong-Wook “Bianca” Kim

Nov. 2—Traded Dong-Gyu “Mano” Kim to Philadelphia

Nov. 3—Announced departure of Chan-Hee “Mandu” Kim

Nov. 18—Announced departure of Hae-Seong “Libero” Kim, Tae-Sung “Anamo” Jung, and Jong-Ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park

Nov. 18—Re-signed Seong-Hyun “Jjonak” Bang

Paris Eternal

Oct. 22—Announced departure of Eoghan “Smex” O’Neill, Joon “Fielder” Kwon, and Da-Un “Nosmite” Jeong

Oct. 23—Announced departure of general manager Bum-Hoon “NineK” Kim; coaches Hee-Won “Rush” Yun, Jae-Yoon “Aid” Go, and Chung-Hyeok “Levi” Jeong; and traded Han-Been “Hanbin” Choi and Yeong-Han “Sp9rk1e” Kim to Dallas

Nov. 12—Traded Brice “FDGod” Monsçavoir to San Francisco

Nov. 16—Announced departure of Benjamin “Benbest” Dieulafait, Terence “Soon” Tarlier, Nicolas “NicoGDH” Moret, and Gi-Hyo “Xzi” Jung

Philadelphia Fusion

Oct. 20—Announced departure of Isaac “Boombox” Charles

Oct. 21—Announced departure of coach Dong-Gun “KDG” Kim and Philip “Chipsa” Graham

Oct. 23—Announced head coach Bum-Hoon “NineK” Kim

Nov. 2—Traded with New York for Dong-Gyu “Mano” Kim

Nov. 11—Announced departure of Su-Min “Sado” Kim, Jun-Ho “Fury” Kim, and Seung-Hyun “Ivy” Lee

Nov. 12—Re-signed Jae-Hyeok “Carpe” Lee

Nov. 13—Re-signed Kyeong-Bo “Alarm” Kim

Nov. 16—Re-signed Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway

Nov. 17—Re-signed Gael “Poko” Gouzerch

Nov. 18—Re-signed Josue “Eqo” Corona

Nov. 23—Signed Niclas “Shockwave” Jensen, traded Hee-Su “Heesu” Jeong to Toronto

San Francisco Shock

Oct. 16—Announced departure of coach Ji-Won “Arachne” Lee

Oct. 25—Announced departure of Dong-Jun “Rascal” Kim

Oct. 26—Signed assistant coach Cheol-Yong “Agape” Hong

Nov. 12—Announced departure of Grant “Moth” Espe

Nov. 12—Traded with Paris for Brice “FDGod” Monsçavoir

Seoul Dynasty

Oct. 15—Announced departure of general manager Ho-Cheol “Hocury” Lee

Nov. 20—Announced departure of Je-Min “Illicit” Park, Min-Hyuk “Michelle” Choi, Seung-Tae “Bdosin” Choi, and Seong-Jun “Slime” Kim

Shanghai Dragons

Oct. 25—Announced departure of Weida “Diya” Lu, Se-Yeon “Geguri” Kim, Jin-Hyeok “Dding” Yang, Min-Sung “Diem” Bae, and Sung-Hyeon “Luffy” Yang

Nov. 7—Traded Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee to Dallas

Nov. 11—Traded with Florida for Pan-Seung “Fate” Koo

Nov. 17—Signed Jun “Erster” Jeong

Toronto Defiant

Oct. 21—Announced departure of Joo-Sung “Roky” Park, Liam “Mangachu” Campbell, Young-Seo “Kariv” Bak, Brady “Agilities” Girardi, Adam “Beast” Denton, Lane “Surefour” Roberts, Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson, Thomas “Zykk” Hosono, Harrison “Kruise” Pond, and Seb “Numlocked” Barton

Oct. 23—Signed Andreas “Logix” Berghmans

Oct. 24—Announced head coach Dong-Gun “KDG” Kim

Nov. 4—Announced departure of general manager Alban “Albless” de la Grange

Nov. 6—Signed Adam “Beast” Denton

Nov. 17—Signed Jeong-Su “Aztac” Park

Nov. 19—Signed Soon-Jae “Ansoonjae” An

Nov. 21—Signed Su-Min “Sado” Kim

Nov. 23—Traded with Philadelphia for Hee-Su “Heesu” Jeong

Vancouver Titans

Oct. 16—Announced departure of Samir “Tsuna” Ikram, Alhumaidi “KSAA” Alruwaili, and Carson “Carcar” First

Washington Justice

Oct. 2—Announced departure of coach Hae-Joon “Wiz” Lee

Oct. 22—Announced departure of Chang-Hoon “Roar” Gye

Oct. 24—Signed Tae-Sung “Mag” Kim and Gui-Un “Decay” Jang

Oct. 27—Announced coach Ho-Cheol “Hocury” Lee

Nov. 7—Yeon-Joon “Ark” Hong announced retirement

Nov. 9—Signed Tae-Hee “Jerry” Min

Nov. 18—Announced departure of Min-Seok “Aimgod” Kwon, Hyeon-Woo “Jjanu” Choi, and Chung-Hee “Stitch” Lee

Nov. 19—Signed Hee-Chang “Bebe” Yoon

Nov. 20—Signed Won-Sik “Closer” Jung

Nov. 21—Signed Jun-Ho “Fury” Kim

Nov. 22—Signed Sung-Wook “Ria” Park


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