Tweet by Travis Gafford here: Image credit 1esports

Travis Gafford tweeted recently that Jensen has now signed with Team Liquid at an unbelievable $4.3m for the 3 year contract.

The League of Legends NA midlaner now becomes the most expensive LCS player ever. Following on the back of Bjergsen resigning from the competitive scene, this likely made the Danish born Jensen the best midlaner by default.

However, given that not a single NA team made it out of groups at Worlds, the price could be seen as excessively extravagent given the poor North American performance.

NA has long been argued as the worst performing LOL region compared to the LCK, EU and LPL. Given the region’s reported use of importing talent, makes the price and decision by Team Liquid as highly questionable compared to either importing or home-growing talent.

One thing is for sure, the 2021 League of Legends season will heap even more pressure on Jensen’s shoulders to deliver.


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