So the new set is getting released 28th Jan and as always there’s two offers in the MTG Arena store for pre-orders.

As before, the offer is only available during pre-order. Once released THE OFFER IS GONE FOR GOOD. Note, though, the pets are available in the store for a price. Only the offer is gone.

So let’s take a look at what’s on offer this time and compare the value of each.

MTG Arena Kaldheim pre-order bundles available

Two options – Kaya pre-order focuses on packs and a mythic rare, Niko pre-order provides draft and sealed tokens with another mythic rare.

So the first option is very simple: KAYA PACK BUNDLE

For $49.99 you get:

  • Kaya deck sleeve
  • 50 packs
  • 1 copy of Kaya the Inexorable (Mythic Rare)
  • 1 Kaya Inexorable card style
  • Sleeves are generally worth 600 or 1,200 gems in the store. The sleeve doesn’t look that interesting in our view so let’s price it at the low end of 600 (it isn’t going to replace our black lotus)
  • 50 packs is 50,000 gold ( or 10,000 gems ) as we’ve explained in our previous article here
  • Mythic rare is worth 1 wildcard mythic, which at worst (not on average) is 24 packs, so worst case scenario is 4,800 gems
  • Card style for a mythic is 1,200 gems

Now, you’re buying this pre-order principally for the packs and the mythic rare. So $49.99 for 50 packs and a mythic.

In the store, $49.99 gets you 9,200 gems, which is 46 packs exactly. Note, if you’re comparing this against a spend of $100 gem value – see comment 1.

Therefore, the KAYA PRE-ORDER nets you a GAIN vs using money equivalent of:

  • 4 packs
  • The mythic rare Kaya
  • The sleeve
  • The style


The Niko pre-order is all about tokens for drafting and sealed. Here’s a look what the $49.99 gets you:

  • Mastery pass
  • 3 Draft tokens
  • Sealed token
  • Niko card (mythic rare)
  • Niko art

So what’s this worth:

  • Mastery pass is $19.99 (and worth it if you hit these levels as explained in our article here)
  • 3 draft tokens are either 5,000 each for quick draft or 10,000 for a premier event (so 750 / 1,500 respectively). Generally you’re going to want to use them for 1,500 value as bigger rewards obviously
  • Sealed token is 2,000 gems
  • Niko art is 1,200 gems
  • Niko card is a mythic wildcard

It’s important to note that when a new set is released, sealed events have been the first format available, i.e. you have to play them for around a week or so before the quick draft becomes available. If you like drafts, you’ll have to play sealed unless things change up.

Sealed tokens net 6 packs, so that’s a small loss vs the pack cost (1,200) unless you get enough wins to overcome that.

Let’s total it in terms of gems:

  • Mastery pass: $19.99 (3,400 gems)
  • Draft tokens: (2,250 to 4,500 gems) so max value $26.47
  • Sealed token: 2,000 gems so $12.50

So without the rare card and art, that totals $58.96 of value without the mythic card and art. Now, the draft tokens can net you a loss of value if you have a poor win rate. The value above assumes you get the value of the gems you put in.


In raw monetary terms both provide more value than buying items individually.

Which is better, well that depends if you want packs (which will generate a lot of wildcards also) or the drafting experience.

If you want drafts, go for the Niko pack as it provides $58.96 of value and a mythic rare baseline if you maximise for $49.99.

If you want packs go for Kaya – you’re getting 4 packs and a rare of value.

If you can really maximise the value of drafts, then Niko can be worth even more as it will generate net positive gems (we’ll discuss draft outcomes in a future article).

Image credits: Magic the Gathering and Esports Gold from in-game


10 Responses

    • So $100 of gems (i.e. 20,000 gems), you can use for packs, drafts, mastery buying things individually.

      $100 gems = 20,000 = 200 gems per $1
      $50 gems = 9,200 = 184 gems per $1 (so that’s the price of the pre-order)

      So $100 gems gives 8.7% more gems

      Therefore $50 Pre-Order needs to be worth $54.35 if you bought $100 gems value instead.
      – Niko bundle is $58.96 (above)
      – Kaya pack is basically $4.35 vs 4 packs, the mythic rare and style card

      So the Niko pack is better, the Kaya pack is “technically” better if you value the mythic rare and style card as well (as the gem cost of specific mythic rares and styles are high). If you don’t want the syle or mythic rare then Kaya is about $0.35 less.

      Good comment – will write it up in separate article.

      • I’m sorry for my english, I use google translator.

        $ 100 = 20.000 gems
        3 packs = 600 gems (even multiple, there are no offers for larger volumes)
        therefore 1 pack = 200 gems
        accordingly 50 packs = 10.000 gems

        The value of the Kaya pack is $ 50 (50 packs) + mythic + style + sleeve, for a cost of $ 49,99

        I’d say it’s worth it, little but it is worthwhile

  1. Came from CGB’s channel, love these articles! Makes me feel better about spending too much money lol

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