Latest news and deals in Esports for the 20th Oct
Supposedly threatened by lawyers, Twitch has reportedly banned the streamer “Alisha12287” for stating the streamer “Adorablestars” […]
How rare is it to get to the elusive 7 wins in MTG Arena draft. That […]
Quarterfinal #2 at Worlds this year saw the two LPL teams battle for a spot in […]
Collection of articles, acquisitions and news from around the world Astralis sells es3tag to Cloud9NODWIN Gaming […]
Going 7 wins in MTG Arena is the ultimate goal – the ability to earn more […]
Key news for 15th October 2020 from around the world Valve reportedly rejected Shanghai government’s offer […]
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A total of 37 coaches involved in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) have been banned from a tournament due to exploiting a bug in the game.
Riot Games announced today its first official esports tournament for Valorant, called First Strike.