Latest news links for the 22nd Oct. Atlanta Ownership Group acquire Ghost Gaming ... North Esports announces ...
Latest news and deals in Esports for the 20th Oct
Supposedly threatened by lawyers, Twitch has reportedly banned the streamer “Alisha12287” for stating the streamer “Adorablestars” […]
How rare is it to get to the elusive 7 wins in MTG Arena draft. That […]
Quarterfinal #2 at Worlds this year saw the two LPL teams battle for a spot in […]
Collection of articles, acquisitions and news from around the world Astralis sells es3tag to Cloud9NODWIN Gaming […]
Going 7 wins in MTG Arena is the ultimate goal – the ability to earn more […]
Key news for 15th October 2020 from around the world Valve reportedly rejected Shanghai government’s offer […]
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A total of 37 coaches involved in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) have been banned from a tournament due to exploiting a bug in the game.