T1 signs Karl to round out Dota 2 roster NiKo joins G2’s CS:GO team Simplicity Esports […]
Summary of key news circulating today Discord could be the next esports ecosystem Stack Sports and […]
Arguably the most anticipated contest so far at Worlds 2020 saw Damwon Gaming face G2. Last […]
TSM’s mid-laner Bjergsen announces his retirement
g2 vs damon
Arguably the most anticipated game of League of Legends 2020 sees G2, the European hopeful, face […]
Latest news in esports for 23 Oct 2020
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Ahead of the most anticipated semi-final, the last remaining European team G2 face off against arguably […]
LOL worlds 2020
11 AM (UK time) and the semi-finals kicks off in the best of 5 with Suning […]
Latest news links for the 22nd Oct. Atlanta Ownership Group acquire Ghost Gaming ... North Esports announces ...
Latest news and deals in Esports for the 20th Oct