Summary of key news circulating today Discord could be the next esports ecosystem Stack Sports and […]
Arguably the most anticipated contest so far at Worlds 2020 saw Damwon Gaming face G2. Last […]
TSM’s mid-laner Bjergsen announces his retirement
g2 vs damon
Arguably the most anticipated game of League of Legends 2020 sees G2, the European hopeful, face […]
Latest news in esports for 23 Oct 2020
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Ahead of the most anticipated semi-final, the last remaining European team G2 face off against arguably […]
LOL worlds 2020
11 AM (UK time) and the semi-finals kicks off in the best of 5 with Suning […]
Latest news links for the 22nd Oct. Atlanta Ownership Group acquire Ghost Gaming ... North Esports announces ...
Latest news and deals in Esports for the 20th Oct
Supposedly threatened by lawyers, Twitch has reportedly banned the streamer “Alisha12287” for stating the streamer “Adorablestars” […]