You may or may not have noticed, that the world is a very different place than at the start of the year and many of us are working from home. Esports is no different.

One downside has been that for many games, there has been a 15 minute delay on many mainstream esportsdue to the integrity commission and in an attempt to avoid betting fraud.

Therefore, take the EU masters – betting companies had a live feed 15 minutes ahead of any of the live streams on Twitch or Youtube. You can see this on bet365 for instance, who show the live clock in the top right of the screen.

However, this means any live odds are based up to 15 minutes ahead of what you can see. In League of Legends, that is a LOT!

Now, it isn’t on every esport or even every league – the LCK playoffs for summer had no delay, but make sure you check because for many the odds are no longer 20-30 seconds behind.


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