Who is Esports Gold?

Esports Gold is a company that creates data across esports events, cleaning and updating data sets to ensure that high quality stats and analysis is available

Check out our site where we provide updated content and past matches, profiles on all the players and teams at https://www.esportsgold.com/

What is the Ranking and how is it calculated?

The Ranking value assigned to each team and player is an in-house metric that aims to:
“Provide an indication of performance success”, and this is based on:
– Ability of the team|player to progress through events to the final
– Importance of each event
– Performance
– Time factor

Therefore a successful team that wins a major event, will see its ranking drop over time if it does not play on a regular basis

How is data ordered when shown

All results, data and stats in the Player pages and Team pages is ordered by most recent first. Therefore the match history shows the most recent games at the top and least recent at the bottom

How much data is there

For all the games, data includes 2020 to current, the full 2019 year and into 2018

I can’t find an event | What events are covered?

All the top-tier events are covered for each game. In many cases this is determined by the prize pool sizes respective to each game.

For example, in Dota 2, most events are either closed qualifiers (into main events) and then tournaments with prize pools of $250,000+. A prize pool of <$100,000 would be a smal tournament. In World of Warcraft, every event organised by Blizzard Activision is covered, e.g. for 2019 this includes all NA & EU cups and Blizzcon in the year.

What does (X) mean | Is there a glossary?

The glossary of terms is here

What is a question mark in the data “?”

In some circumstances, usually a closed/open qualifier where there has been a connection issue there is sometimes an unknown data point which can’t be cleaned or had no data.

For example if a team forfeits a match (very common in some qualifier events), a player could be classified as ?, or if a champion can’t be verified.

These are rare, but we use ? to show much data sits behind that point. E.g. if ? is a champion, the user can see how relevant the data points are behind an unknown champion

How do you get the data

We create it ourselves. Often we create it from scratch (depending on game), cleaning and creating a new data-set. We may aggregate, clean and add to data to enhance it with our own insights.

How often is the data updated

Often straight after an event, or on a regular basis. This can depend if there are data points that need to be cleaned.

We do not currently update data during tournaments or on same day basis.