Going 7 wins in MTG Arena is the ultimate goal – the ability to earn more gems than you put in, whilst also picking up new cards along the way.

As Draft is the only mechanism to convert coins to gems (and gems being infinitely more attractive), getting a good win-streak of 3/4 wins each time is critical.

This time we went 7 with a straight-forward Red|White aggro deck.

Check out the list:

Nothing special really in the list, but a few notable points to help others and the value of certain cards:

  • Kitesail was op, the ability to constantly fly over a 3|1 which normally would be facechecked helped close out early. Definitely don’t want more copies though
  • Goma Vanguard is a fantastic early drop as often with 2 warriors the opponent can’t block
  • Two mana drops were key as the deck curvesout at 4 mana drops (the 6 mana minotaur you’re playing for 5 at worse but sometimes 4)
  • A single pressure point really helped with a turn 3 or 4 swing as often we’d have 3 creatures on board and could get them over the line and really knock the opponent low
  • Sea Gate Banneret won one game as we hit 5 mana and could constantly swing in and force bad trades
  • Note that we left out a second angelheart and the felidar – both are slow or don’t really help.


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