This kicks off our set of analysis over the economics of MTG Arena, how much it costs, what a Rare costs, what a Mythic costs and how much it costs YOU!

For this article, we’re going into the economics of the mastery pass and whether it is value for money, and critically – when should you get it if so.

The cost: 3,400 Gems$19.99

First things first, the mastery pass costs $19.99 in cash, or 3,400 gems. Let’s round that $19.99 to $20 to make the maths simple which means for the pass – here’s the crucial economics:

  • You’re getting a price of 170 gems per $1
  • In the store, 3,400 gems is worth 17 packs of cards (easy enough – the store sells 1 pack for every 200 gems)

The primary goal is to increase our card collection and in order to make the comparison of the value of the mastery pass, we’re going to translate all the card generating returns of the mastery pass into GOLD. Why gold – because gold buys packs and enters drafts. Packs give wildcards and without wildcards you can’t choose the cards to draft.

From the mastery pass therefore, everything non-gold generating for packs should be viewed as a bonus. Here’s the total summary if you get to level 130 (beyond you only receive commons):

RewardStylePackEmoteOrbUncommonMythicAvatarPetCard BackDraft TokenGemsGold

Below lets see the rewards we get by level that generate us new cards (summarised):

LevelPacksDraft TokenGemsGold
The rewards of the Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass by level bracket

You’ll notice we left off the mythics, well as they’re random we see them as a bonus. The value of the mythics will be in an article so you can include those if you want.

Now, lets translate this all to gold:

LevelPacksDraft TokenGemsGold
1-204,00010,000 / 5,0001,0000
The rewards of the Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass in gold value

So in gold terms that’s a total of 35,000 or 40,000 gold depending on how you use the token. Packs are worth 1,000 gold each, fairly straightforward as that’s the store price. Token varies depending on which format you use it in. The lowest value per gem is 5 gold per gem so thats what we translate it at.

How do we get 5 gold per gem? Well the value of a gem varies in MTG Arena depending on how you use it. However, 1 pack is 200 gems or 1,000 gold so that means its 5 gems per gold.

Depending on how you use your gem it can vary slightly (e.g. in quick draft a gem is worth 6.67 gold), but 5 gold is the standard value.

Therefore, here’s when the mastery pass becomes valuable:

  • Cost of pass – 3,400 gems ($20) = 17,000 gold cost
  • Excluding the draft token, you get 17,500 gold value at level 73
  • With the draft token at 5,000, you get 17,500 gold value at level 45
  • With the draft token at 10,000 you get 17,000 gold at level 27

At these break points, all the extra cards and skins are bonus, but the value of $20 is obtained at these levels. Enjoy!!!


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