Our record in MTG Arena is pretty good. Currently in the last 4 quick drafts we’ve gone 7 wins in 3 of them!

Today we went the elusive 7-0, straight back to back victories and as we’re playing free to play it feels even more sweet. What’s more, we picked up two relics for the collection and a chance to build a ramp deck.

Here’s the screenshots and the deck:

The moment we hit 6-0 and realised that we might get the elusive 7-0 victory for the first time ever.
That SWEEEEEEET 7-0 victory for the first time.

And now for the decklist and a couple of comments:

The decklist we went 7-0 with. We didn’t change a single card all games.

In case it’s a bit small – here’s the list:

  • Cliffhaven Kitesail
  • Utility Knife
  • Fearless Fledgling
  • Mesa Lynx
  • Ghastly Gloomhunter x2 (combo)
  • Subtle Strike
  • Angelheart Protector
  • Kor Celebrant (combo)
  • Demon’s Disciple
  • Inscription of Ruin
  • Marauding Blight-Priest x2 (combo)
  • Mind Drain
  • Prowling Felidar
  • Smite the Monstrous
  • Legion Angel
  • Blood Price
  • Shepherd of Heroes
  • Dreadwurm
  • Scion of the Swarm (combo)
  • Zof Consumption
  • Sea Gate Colossus
  • 8 Plains / 9 Swamps

Pick 1 Pack 1: Inscription of Ruin (vs Demon’s Disciple)

So the decklist – a fairly aggressive style orzhov deck which mainly won with flyers and some extra chip damage from the clerics life gain/damage triggers. The inscription of ruin really doesn’t perform well in our view – it’s the second game we’ve tried it and mostly just feels really clunky.

I’ve highlighted the lifegain damage pieces (shepherd is more for the 3/4 flyer).

Notice we left both relics in the sideboard – really key not to include them as they’re just not needed.


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