Esports Gold has specialised in creating and collecting its own data on players over the years, with a view of looking at performance.

For some games like Hearthstone, being able to analyse player performance is vital for understanding how different players perform. For example, during 2018, no professional player had a higher winrate than ~68% given the nature of the open tournaments. Many professionals were <50% winrates.

The goal is to create new analytics and insights on how players perform to better predict and understand key metrics behind each game.

Esports Gold has extensive files and matches of data across the games it covers and focuses on analysing and understanding the games.

To this extent we have created several simple tools in our site that allow users to query data on the data.

Our Dota 2 player stats tool is here:

Out League of Legends player stats tool is here:

This allows users to query stats for each player, specifically looking at champion performance and matchups.

Please note that these tools are not updated on a weekly basis – any further enquiries, please contact us.