Rekkles has left Fnatic - it's official and it seems he's heading to G2's bot lane.
Anyone else finding the new patch laggy and unresponsive to play on? Have you tried stutter-stepping? […]
So, the major new patch for League of Legends is up and along with the plethora […]
Arguably one of the most interesting post-season movements is Perkz looking for a mid lane role. […]
Tweet by Travis Gafford here: Image credit 1esports Travis Gafford tweeted recently that Jensen has now […]
g2 vs damon
Arguably the most anticipated game of League of Legends 2020 sees G2, the European hopeful, face […]
LOL worlds 2020
11 AM (UK time) and the semi-finals kicks off in the best of 5 with Suning […]
Quarterfinal #2 at Worlds this year saw the two LPL teams battle for a spot in […]