The 2021 Esports Insight Report will cover several key topic areas including how the ecosystem works and the business models in place. It includes in-depth sections covering the different games being played, and themes and predictions for 2021.

For a free copy of the teaser to download, click on the file below, the full report is available here

The full report is over 100 pages and suitable for both less experienced interested parties, investors and c-suite execs looking to make strategic decisions:

For a full listing of the contents, the index is available in the following file:

A summary of the key topics is below:

  • Understanding esports
  • Where is the money currently in esports?
  • Esports market revenue and audience trends
  • Current business models and economic value chains
    • The revenues and economic flows of how streamers make money
    • How developers make money – “hands off” and “hands on” economic flows
    • How do teams make money?
  • Understanding streamer revenue streams and sources
  • Understanding team revenue streams and valuation impacts
  • Review of team valuations and impact
  • Rankings of the top games by tier
  • Esports betting
  • College esports and degrees
  • Data analysis – monthly active player populations
  • Data analysis – top games by live stream viewers
  • Data analysis – comparing esports event viewers
  • Analysis and understanding esports event values

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